How to find a lost Word / Excel / PowerPoint document, opened from email (Hotmail or Outlook Web Access), that was edited and saved – but is now gone?

This is a long post that I hope will help a few desperate souls out there: how to find your lost Word, Excel or PowerPoint files?

Google “lost file opened from email attachment”, “rescue lost word doc” or “word document that I opened from my email did not save on my copmuter” and you can witness the misery of dozens (thousands? millions?) of poor computer users who lost their dissertations, school papers or theses after they emailed it to themselves, opened the document, and saved it – just to discover they can’t find the files they spent hours working on.

I want to smash my computerIt happened to me at least a few times and to my wife a few more.  Worst of all, none of the explanations on the web seem to actually work!  So for the sake of all you who accidentally ran into the same problem, read on (and if it helped, tell me in the comments).

I lost my Word / Excel /  other file after opening it from email

The scenario is always the same.  You:

  1. Opened a file from your webmail, typically using Internet Explorer.
  2. Made lots of changes and saved at least a few times.
  3. Closed Word or Excel.
  4. Tried to reopen the file but couldn’t find it.

Why it happens

This typically happens to users of Hotmail or Outlook Web Access (OWA), usually when you use Internet Explorer (especially versions earlier than IE9).  Google Chrome is built differently (and better in this case, in my opinion).

In Internet Explorer, when you click on an attachment you have two options: “open” and “save”.  If you clicked “save”, you’d be fine.  You will be able to save the file somewhere (e.g. on the desktop) and continue working.  The only way to lose the file is if you delete it or forgot where you saved it.  In any case you can just search for it.   In Chrome, any file you open is automatically downloaded and saved, too.

If you clicked, “open”, however, you’re entering zombie land.  Word will show you the document (maybe after a warning that you opened a downloaded file).  You will be able to edit and save the document regularly.  But little do you know that you’re saving the file in a “safe zone” (technically, a system folder) used for files downloaded from the web.   I call it zombie land because you have no idea that the files you’re saving will disappear the second you shut down Word.  Worst of all, because files are saved in this zombie land, you won’t be able to find these files when you search for them.

How to rescue the file you opened, saved and is now gone?

Luckily, there’s a way to rescue these files, especially if only a short time passed since you’ve opened and closed them.  Here are the instructions for Windows 7 or Windows Vista users, English version.

<disclaimer>  Please be careful and follow the instructions closely, as you can cause damage, too.  If you’re not sure what you’re doing, ask a friend to help. I’m just trying to help you but I can’t assume responsibility if something goes wrong… </disclaimer>

  1. Most importantly, do not try to re-open the file from your email.  If you have done so already, you may have overwritten your file.  You’ll know soon enough.
  2. Click Start (bottom left icon on your desktop) or on your keyboard’s Windows key.  If you don’t have a Start menu (e.g. if you’re using Windows 8), tap Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key+R.
  3. Your cursor should blink in the search bar.  Just copy and paste this line
    %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5
    and tap Enter.   If this happened to you when using Firefox, please use this line instead: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\temp (Thanks to Paul who commented below for this tip!)This will open the special folder where temporary downloaded files are saved.  Annoyingly, Windows doesn’t show you this folder unless you manually type it.
  4. We now need to show the hidden system files where Windows saved your files.   Click Alt+T to show the Tools menu.  Click the fourth option, “Folders options”.
  5. You should now see the Folder Options dialog box.  At the top, choose the ‘View’ tab to see the Advanced Settings.  Under ‘Hidden files and folders’, choose the option ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives’.
  6. Underneath, un-check the box of the option ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.  Approve the warning message by clicking ‘Yes’.  Don’t worry, we’ll put everything back to place later.  Click OK to close the dialog box.
  7. You should now see many more folders and icons.  Some will appear a bit transparent – that means they’re hidden files.
  8. The folder will contains many folders that have strange names like ANH4N2W1, etc.  Your files will be in one of them.  The easiest way to find the file is by sorting the list by ‘Date modified’ and opening each folder at a time.   Just click Alt+V to show the View menu, then choose Sort by, and ‘Date Modified’ and ‘Descending’ to show the latest files first.
  9. Double click to open each folder.  You’ll get an annoying warning message each time you do so, just approve it.
  10. When you open a folder, again sort it by ‘Date Modified’.  You can also sort by ‘Type’ to show your Microsoft Word files first.
  11. If you’re lucky, you’ll find your missing file in no time.  Just notice the file size – if it’s 1 KB you are probably looking at a temporary file created by Word and not at the file you saved.  Just copy the files you found to your desktop or to your My Documents folder.
  12. Check each folder until you find your file.  Jump up in the air and thank God if you have found what you’re looking for.  My sincerest sympathies if you couldn’t find it.
  13. When you’re done, you should return Windows to its normal state by hiding again the hidden folders.  In Explorer (the file browser window), just click again Alt+T, Folder Options, View tab, and check the box ‘Hide protected operation system files’ and choose the option ‘Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives’.

If it all worked for you, scroll to the bottom of this page and add your comment.  I’m so glad I could help.  Just remember to never, ever, click ‘open’.  Always save documents to the right folder before opening and editing them.   It’s safer and would save you trouble.   Or consider switching to Google Chrome or the latest version of Internet Explorer.   That’ll save you at least this sort of trouble.

27-7-2012 update: Cool! This post has been featured in Wired UK  magazine.

11-4-2013 update: Thanks for all the offers for a free drink!  I plan a worldwide tour after the 1,000th comment.

09-10-2014 update: 1,000 comments! Wow! Apparently more than 140,000 people viewed this post. Glad I could help.

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  1. Thank you so much for this idiot-friendly guide; you have saved me from a sleepless night, a whole school load of furious colleagues and an angry Local Authority wondering how the assessment co-ordinator could ‘lose’ the assessment data!

    Incidentally, I had to backtrack to locate my file as it wasn’t in the Content.IE5 folder but hiding under a rock elsewhere within the Temporary Internet Files. Within that folder I was able to search by date modified and up popped my, sensibly named (with date etc. & details of most recent modifications) document. I’m usually pretty good at ensuring I’ve saved downloaded attachments exactly where I want them, I’m not sure what happened this time.

    THANK YOU :-)

    1. Thanks very much for the help..I used the one for Firefox and found it straight after

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    5. Hi Oded,
      Can you help me with a similar issue but on Mac? I keep getting this message: ‘Macintosh HD:Users:(my ID):Downloads:JRI-Poland_NameFinder_v4-2:JRI-Poland_NameFinder.xlam’ could not be found.
      I believe I downloaded an excel file from this genealogy site a while back and have been frustrated in not being able to rid of it for months.


    6. Hi Neil, I’m so sorry but I have no idea how to do this on a Mac. But luckily another commenter called Ruchi posted a comment in July. Here’s what they said to do:
      Step 1: Show hidden files, go here for an explanation
      Step 2. Follow this breadcrumb in finder /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Microsoft Office/Office 2011 AutoRecovery
      That’s all! Wanted to come back and share with everyone! Good luck

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    1. Hi Gen, The short answer is that I don’t know. The long answer is that I don’t think the VPN connection should affect where Outlook saves the files for you. The instructions should work for Windows 7 and a document opened via Outlook and Word. Really sorry if it doesn’t work – I can only imagine how upsetting losing your document could be. Best, Oded

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    1. Hi Silvia, do you auto-saving enabled on your Word? I suggest making sure it’s set to save automatically every 1 minute. You can access this via Tools -> Options (Alt+T, then O). If Word has saved your file, it should be available in one of these folders. Hope you find your file – I know how frustrating it must be to lose all the work you’ve done.

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    1. Hi Karthik, You can try and replace the %userprofile% with something like c:\users\XXXXX where XXXXX is your Windows username. If you don’t know it, then try clicking the Windows button and ‘L’, then you’ll see it. So the entire like would look like this: c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5 I hope that helps!

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    Stoopid Microsoft. Why have they not plugged this hole?

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  65. Thank you – this was truly helpful. Since I was using outlook above path in search did not locate my file.Not sure if it’s any simpler- but this what I did.
    1. Open any other word attachment from email- click save
    2. Insert header or footer
    3. In header or footer insert file path (it’s in “Quick Parts/Fields”)
    4. Step four will show you hard drive location for files opened from emails
    5. Search full path in Start/Run…open the folder and follow the steps oulined by Oded

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    1. GMAIL is NOT immune to this problem! I have been a victim of this unfortunate calamity at least 2 or 3 times using GMAIL over the last few years. Perhaps the only solution will be to scream about it until programmers develop a safety feature giving direction to the user to prevent loss of the files opened from email. What a remarkable oversight!

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  79. … If only I had found this page sooner. I was just on the phone with my gf and she had this similar problem with the OWA and she told me she lost the file. I did not believe it was possible and having had a similar experience with gmail where I was simply able to locate the file, I told her to download and open the file again, click “save as” and see what location it prompts. But it didn’t work and I told her to try it again and this time just save the file like she previously did, then download AGAIN and open and “save as”, just to make sure that SURELY the recently saved file would be there this time around, and it wasn’t… I was completely baffled so I decided to google some more… Until I came across your page and read the first instruction and thought to myself “Oh no what did I just make her do…!! :O” Thanks for the instructions anyway!! :)

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    It worked and I had spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft and my internet email provider and fiddling myself. WOW. Thanks. BTW, I never did save the lost MS WORD document, I just closed it and it appeared to be gone for good!


  82. My midterm project was finished and due in about 6 years. I finished it, closed it, and went to submit it online only to see it is not there. So first and foremost I googled how to get it back, I came across multiple sites with multiple different solutions none of which worked… until this one!!! I can’t possibly tell you how grateful I am. Losing a word document doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you’re in grad school, it’s due in 6 hours, and you’ve just finished after you’ve been working on it for weeks (I was so happy to find it that I legitimately cried).
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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    Susan & Beth x

  86. Great article… any suggestion on why a document wouldn’t be in here? :-( It’s the exact senerio you describe (opened in windows live hotmail).. the file is a word file. Would the file be a word file with the same name?
    Many thanks

  87. LOST – 5 hours cursing, searching blindly and retyping a short but important document from memory
    GAINED a sparkling, valuable piece of knowledge that no doubt will escape me next time (if!) but at least I have learned that it can be done!
    Brilliant, thanks for posting this you should knighted or sainted or something :) Chris

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    Forgive the caps but I am shouting it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :-)
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    So this was not small thing you’ve done.
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    There are probably a million entries on the web for people who have had this annoying problem, all with ridiculous answers from ‘helpful’ types, like, ‘Use a MAC’, or ‘You should have saved it more often’, or whatever.

    Your simple, concise and more importantly highly accurate step by step guide worked perfectly and I thank you.


  107. I didn’t think to save a file I opened from my hotmail/live account and “lost” 3 hours worth of homework for my MBA program…we’re talking 5 pages of math and calculations that I thought might kill me to have to do, again. Thank you for your expertise, my first drink of the night will be a toast to you…
    Thanks, again

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  119. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who had been conducting a little research on this. And he in fact bought me lunch simply because I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this topic here on your site.

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    I now HATE microsoft word. But thank you. I found it. You’re doing more good than those in washington!

  122. Thank you for sharing this, kind sir. I am so releived, I almost threw this laptop across the room when I realized what I’ve done!

  123. Hi Oded Ran, Great tip but I don’t see a Content.IE5 folder anywhere on my Windows 7 laptop within the Temporary Internet Files folder. Am I doing something wrong?

  124. Hi again Oded,

    Update on my previous post. In between your steps 7 and 8, I copied the entire Temporary Internet Files folder to another location, and as if by magic, the Content.IE5 folders then appeared. I found my document within a couple of minutes!

    Huge gratitude and respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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  129. I opened a doc from outlook and put on like 6 hours of work and I lost it.
    I cannot thank you enough.

    The files open in out look will be in the following location
    C:\Users\user_data\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\

  130. yep saved me too.
    Thanks alot!

    Who would of thought that:

    “Show hidden files”


    “Show hardly any of the files that are hidden”

    And that:

    “Hide protected operating system files ”


    “Un-tick if you want to view the rest of the hidden files, that you meant to see when you clicked the first box”

  131. Thank you for your contribution that clearly saved the day of many of us !

    Well, I am in the same situation as yarrow (6th november comment)… Anyone found out how to do the same magic trick under Windows XP ? What is the path to go ?

    Any help would be very much appreciated ! Too bad they did not somehow prevent users from editing attachments.

    Have a nice day

  132. Phew… just found out how to do it under XP… YIIPPEE! Well, this worked for me, so cautiously check for yourself whether that works also for you. The path to enter in the address field of your explorer window looks like:

    C:\Documents and Settings\$yourusername$\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    where $yourusername$ should look more or less like your login in XP.

    One (maybe risky) way to find out the path is to click on *another* attached file in your webmail application. Then select the feared “Open” instead of “Save”, which should open Word if it is a doc file. Then select in the Word menu “File/Save As…”. It should propose you to save this other document in the hidden folder ith a random name. Now, you just have to roll down the path leading to this hidden folder. It should look like what I pasted above.

    The very clear instructions given to you by Mr Oded Ran should now apply within this Content.IE5 folder. One just “devilish” thing is that the Content.IE5 stays invisible within the “Temporary Internet Files” folder, even if you choose to show all hidden files and folders in the Display Options of Explorer. You can access it only by typing the right path in the address bar!

    Once again, many thanks to you Mr Oded Ran. Your example gave me enough courage to search for the solution under XP!

    1. Thanks to both Oded Ran for the original post and Mo for adding the bits around Windows XP. Document found and hours of work recovered.

  133. Thankyou so much you just saved another whole nights work! Glad i took the time to read your blog. Couldn’t find a solution anywhere else but knew it had to be on my pc somwhere. Thanks again!

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    Good karma is headed your way (along with some virtual blown kisses from us).

    Thank you :D

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  148. Just found this after doing a Google. My son saved 2 hrs worth of work on his PC which was part of a Hotmail attachment and couldn’t find it. Thanks to you, after following your instructions I managed to find all the work again for him. Many thanks from us both.

  149. there were no folders when i opened the temporary folders file after i checked/unchecked the boxes you said! what may i have done wrong?

  150. This saved my final composer paper for my final in my music theory class! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Without this I probably would have failed!

  151. thankyou so much! after searching for ages for a fix i finally found this website and your fix worked. I cannot thank you enough!

  152. Hi Mrs Marsden,

    Were you actually in the “Content.IE5” folder, when you looked for the hidden folders (with random names such as “14NKXDP8”)?

    As Mr Oded Ran and I have mentioned, the “Content.IE5” folder is located in a “Temporary Internet Files” folder (the location of “Temporary Internet Files” depends on whether your system is Windows Vista or XP). However, the “Content.IE5” folder is completely invisible within the “Temporary Internet Files” folder, even if you check the box to display hidden files and folders. The only way to access the “Content.IE5” folder seems to be to type its whole path in the address bar of the Windows Explorer (e.g. “C:\Documents and Settings\(…)\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5”).

    Yet, I am afraid this must be done in the same Internet Explorer session when you opened and saved your attached file. The hidden folders with random names seem to be erased and recreated anew at each new session.

    Good luck,


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  155. Thx much, though I did not find the file but the instructions were excellent and I learned something new that added to my computer literacy. Best of luck to you.

  156. OMG, thank you so so sooooo much. You are truely a lifesaver, I thought I had lost 5 hours worth of work. You have turned my frown upside down :)

    Thank you again for posting this.

  157. That was great.

    I’m wondering if you can help me with a problem I’m having. I opened a document from a hard disk drive, which is no longer functional. I worked on a document in Word that I really need, but now have no access to. Do you think Word saved it somewhere on my physical, internal drive? If yes, how can I access it?

    Thanks for the great advice.

  158. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had tried all the other forum options and was almost about to give up – the difference with yours is the hidden files steps .. it makes all the difference! Once again thank you very much you have saved me a fail!

  159. My daughter just lost her saved essay, part of her final exams for her BSc. After an hour of struggles and tears my friend found your guide to recovery. Even though I had already enabled hidden files and looked carefully in the temporary Internet files I had no idea about the need to uncheck the hidden system files. Now I have a very happy daughter and a relieved mum and dad. Thanks very much for posting your advice.

  160. Oded,
    After following your intial Alt T directions, I had no luck, so I read the comments and got to Helena’s September 10 post. (Thank’s, Helena!) By not including the last bit “Content…” and only using:
    %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\
    a bunch of “hidden files” popped up. Then, in the top, right-hand side, I clicked on “details.” Then, I clicked on “type” and chose “Microsoft Word Document,” which narrowed the list down to two. I was almost fooled into thinking the last one was not the right file because the file name was different, but I right clicked, copied, and pasted the file onto my desktop. It was the file that I had opened in Yahoo, worked on for 6 hours, and saved, thinking I had saved it to my work folder. I can’t thank you enough! You are amazing!

  161. you are incredible! this is the best advice I have ever come across! You saved my entire research project! Thank you SO SO much.

  162. I have a Windows 7 computer but when I paste in the file path it says no search results available… :( I think I will die if I don’t get my assignment back please please help!

  163. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Everyone told me it was gone for good… but thank to you i recovered what i needed. Times like this make me really appreciate the internet and its ability to connect strangers. I am really, very grateful.

  164. As with the other comments, this was a lifesaver! Thanks so much for posting this info and allowing silly people like me who save from email to recover their docs!!!!

  165. hey I can never thank you enough for saving my twelve hours of work, but, but it was corrupted with so many rubbish and unnecesary spacing which I struggled to solve but am glad l got it back. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuu!

  166. Thank you so much, my son phoned from uni in a desperate panic that he couldn’t find his essay of 3000 words. After trying all manner of searches and googling the problem, I came across your website. Can’t tell you the relief both me and my son felt. Once again THANKS!!!

  167. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I am a very basic computer user and your instructions were clear and concise and saved me a lot of time.

  168. Thank you sooooo much!! My brother was trying to find the file for hours.. and I found it within minutes with your guide! Thank you :)


  170. This saved me! Had been looking for a “lost” word doc (lots of edits to it) for around an hour and a half. It’s was a word doc downloaded from hotmail, I dutifully kept saving it but it was saving to the mystery hidden Internet files!!! Within minutes this guide helped me find my fully edited intact document (for coursework I may add) and so has saved me around 5 hours work!!! Thank you sooooooo much I had nearly resigned to rewriting tomorrow. Never will I make the same mistake again…but if do I know where to go! Thank you :-)

  171. For Windows 8 you have to go to settings/control panel/appearance and personalization to get to “folder options.” From there you follow the directions, but when I copied and pasted what you said to search nothing was found either way. Thank you for your info though, it might have worked if I had an older version of Windows.

  172. You saved me. I spent 2 hours online looking for a solution (including official Microsoft help pages) but your method saved my article. Thank you!

  173. Thank you so, so, so much!!!! Was near tears trying to find an essay I had worked on for hours and searched for probably about an hour and half – no other site helped as much as this one!!!! Tip to anyone else, really check those hidden files and use either the date or file type, as very nearly missed mine!!!! Again thank you so much, can finally go to sleep!!!!

  174. Thank you so, so, so much!!!! Was near tears trying to find an essay I had worked on for hours and searched for probably about an hour and half – no other site helped as much as this one!!!! Tip to anyone else, really check those hidden files and use either the date or file type, as very nearly missed mine!!!! Again thank you so much, can finally go to sleep!!!!

  175. Thank you so much – this really does work. This was a life saver for me today. I lost a day’s worth of work and freaked out :-) I tried the same command before – but was not told to uncheck ‘Hide protected operating system files’ …..that was the key!

  176. So I tried your steps, although I was not able to copy and paste the long search name, I found it a different way through some other posts I seen. However, I still was not able to retrieve my document that I edited from an email attachment. There were actually more than one that I lost and was only ably to find half of one. I didn’t open either and yet I could only find half of one. Why is that? Is there any hope for me? Will I loose all my chances if I shut down my laptop completely?

  177. Dear Author,
    i saw many comments into your address. i failed. please HELP:: i opened the document in Outlook and continuously was saving it, but now i cannot find it.
    i carefully read the instructions, but at the very beginning, i had troubles: in Start menu where you posted your link: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    my computer doesnt give me the proper folder, instead it says: No items match your search… please help somebody anybody, my 15 pages of report is gone with winds!!! i have to submit my reports tomorrow… Jan 29th of 2013…SOS!!! HELP!!!

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    My paper is in, and I am going to bed!!

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    The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

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  202. help I followed instructions and i came across the same problem as Nariman

    January 27, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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    I was in utter panic. I found this post while frantically searching for help. Much to my delight, after search through a few randomly named folders, I found my file!


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    Thank you for the help, its genius that there is a way! I did it on a university computer, 2 days ago, I cant seem to find it using your method, I think perhaps its because files are only saved temporarily on these computers…. I still have hope though… any chance you have any other tips?
    Thank you for your help :)

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  223. Your suggestions are great but didn’t quite fit my dilemma. I did however find the answer here:

    So, Adam College Kid, hope you find your file using this method! Note though that I had to manually type the file path for appdata, it was hidden.

    I have learnt my lesson now and won’t be saving files directly into an existing zip!


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  237. The path the author provided did not help me but I was able to find another path and found my lost files there.
    There is another path that might be useful:
    C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook

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    Zoe from New Zealand

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    Lovely Coopers Pale Ale in South Australia with your name on it. I’m going to crack open one now.

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    Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks

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    Until I obtain it, I glad your able.

    I love you

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    Granted, I could have recreated it my changes pretty quickly, but it was frustrating to no end that I could not search and find it! I had hidden files showing, but not system files.

    Oh – and I went back and reopened it from the email again to see if I could figure out where it was saving it– no luck… but I was also lucky in that it didn’t overwrite my edited version.

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    Saved me hours and an asswhipping from the boss. you’re a good man charlie brown

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    If you ever need a place to stay, a dog sitter or even a hug, hit me up.
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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  308. Thank you so so much for this posting, a serious god-send…now my tears seem so silly – at least a heartattack is no longer on the horizon ;-P

  309. Well, I just lost 3 hours of work because I had already reopened the attachment thinking somehow it might have saved back to itself in the email…….then I searched the web and found your solution. There was my file, but I had overwritten it! You wrote a great post. Thank you on behalf of everyone you are able to help.

  310. This is an invaluable post. You just saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours that would otherwise have been required to reproduce the proposal I’ve been developing for over a week. Even if I’d been able to recreate it, I would certainly have missed the submission deadline, and the organization I’m working for would have forfeited more than $40,000. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  311. OMG thank you soooo much, all the other advice I googled didn’t help and I thought my powerpoint seminar was gone for good. I even opened the email attachment (in attempt to locate it’s default path) which I just read here you should NOT do, but thankfully it didn’t overwrite it (probably cos I didn’t save the reopened file in caution). Thanks so much you have saved me from redoing my uni assignment due tomorrow, and it’s a group presentation so I’m not letting them down now! This magical “Content.IE5” folder was the trick! Thanks a million!

  312. Spent 3 hours myself trying to find my document. Followed your instructions and found it in 3 min. Awesome make sure you stop by here on your world tour for 2 drinks!!