20 reasons why you’ll hate switching to Mac (and a few reasons why you’ll love it)

In 2011, I switched from PC to Mac. I used a MacBook Air 15″ for about a year until it got stolen. I then rushed back to a PC. It was for a simple reason: I couldn’t get work done as easily on a Mac. It’s interesting how little marketing Microsoft has done to point out MacOS’s shortcomings. There are at least a dozen reasons why moving to a Mac would drive you nuts. Each of these could have been a great retaliatory “PC vs. Mac” TV advert. Here’s my top list of things you’ll hate about moving to a Mac, and a few things you’d absolutely love.

Disclaimer: I wrote this list before trying the abysmal OS that is Windows 8. Anything is better than Windows 8. Even Windows ME.  And please excuse the preponderance of ‘WTF’ below, I couldn’t find a more appropriate expletive.

What you’ll hate

  • Stupidest ever shortcuts with Control, Option (aka Alt), Fn, Shift, and Command. No consistency. Very hard to recall what to press and when. It’s maybe perfect if you’re a pianist, less so if you just want to get work done.
  • No home, end, page up or page down buttons in the keyboard.
  • No delete button. You have to Ctrl + Backspace. WTF.
  • Maximise doesn’t maximise (they did fix it in the last OS).
  • Close doesn’t close.
  • Enter doesn’t open files. It renames them. WTF.
  • Folders are sorted alongside files, instead of being displayed on top.
  • To install programs, you download a .dmg file (WTF?) and then drag it to drive (WTF?). Then you unmount the downloaded file. WTF.
  • Excel shortcuts.  E.g. F2 becomes Alt + U.  WTF.
  • Office sucks.
  • Office crashes.
  • You’ll have to zoom in, in every Word and Excel doc, which will just drive your PC colleagues nuts (they’ll zoom out, you’ll zoom in).
  • Apps do crash. Don’t believe the hype.
  • To switch to another window you use Cmd+Tab unless it’s another window of the app you’re in and then it’s Cmd+`.  WTF.
  • You have to empty the entire trash – you can’t permanently delete just specific files (something took the metaphor of a trash can a bit too far). WTF.
  • Apple fanboys who tell you can fix all of the above with some geeky hack or 3rd party software.
What you’ll love
  • Hardware is beautiful.
  • Hardware just works.
  • Hardware doesn’t come with ugly stickers by Intel, Microsoft and the OEM that you’ll have to remove.
  • Hardware doesn’t come pre-installed with crapware.
  • Standby just works.
  • Even a slow Macbook just works.  Not like a PC where you have to launch Task Manager every hour to kill apps.
  • Font rendering is just beautiful.
  • You’ll be the coolest kid in town and you’ll wake up to double rainbows every morning.

4 thoughts on “20 reasons why you’ll hate switching to Mac (and a few reasons why you’ll love it)”

  1. Yeap! You summed it up pretty well! I’ve been using a MACbook Pro for 2 months now as a BYOD in my company. The main corporate laptop is Windows based. Some of the issues I encountered with MAC in addition to what you said, is having to keep typing my credentials almost every time I try to open up a corporate site. And then there is MS 2016 for MAC. So overall I was doing OK until this last Friday MS Lync refused to make calls or accept calls. After unsuccessfully wasting a day, I am ready to switch back to a corporate Windows Laptop. Sad, since I really like the feel and look of the MAC, but I’ve just had enough frustration with the MAC!

  2. I have had my Mac, sadly for a number of years and I have regretted it every second I have used it ever since. Everything is either back-to-front or just doesn’t exist. It takes me twice as long to do things so in the end I just end up using someone else’s Windows based computer. I ABSOLUTELY HATE MY MAC

  3. oh boy… I have switched to Mac and all this things won’t make me pissed off. It’s just different. I love the fact the I just plug my guitar to roland interface and fire garageband and no freeze, no lag, zero problems… Just save my file… In the Pc I had to sometimes go to the bios and disable onboard sound cards (even if saved in bios the last time) it was fuc0ing annoying…

  4. Sadly myself as well. Purchased a new mac desktop directly from Apple for more than I wanted to spend,with 4K resolution,extra storage that I will never fill in my lifetime and grow more and more frustrated each and every month! I thought getting the lastest and greatest would keep me flowing into the next decade and would not have to get anything else ever again. Over the holiday I purchased a $299.00 complete HP all in one for my step-daughter and regret not getting one for myself. Glad to see I am not alone with my frustrations.

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