Google’s says “Zero Crashes” in Chrome campaign: Yeah, right.

All browsers crash.  I’ve been using Google Chrome since it launched and like other browsers, it crashes too.  I don’t take it hard; Internet Explorer 8 crashes, Firefox 3.5 crashes and Safari crashes on my Windows machine too.  No news here. 

But it’s a completely different story to build a marketing campaign around the false claim of “Zero crashes”, which is precisely what Google has recently done in its latest Chrome campaign.

YouTube and Wave keep crashing Chrome on my Windows 7 machine (screenshot below) and a search for “Google Chrome Crashing” rests my case.  Again: all browsers crash.  It just that Google has the audacity to lie about it in a multi-million campaign.

Google search results for Chrome crashing.
Wave and YouTube crashing my Chrome.



One thought on “Google’s says “Zero Crashes” in Chrome campaign: Yeah, right.”

  1. Yes, the advertising campaign is based on false information. It crashes with me as well, specifically while writing new blog posts in WordPress under Ubuntu.

    So it crashes in Windows, in Mac and under Linux, just like every other browser out there. However, you must agree, the fact that the whole browser doesn’t crash but just a tab dies is a superb thing. I love how it works via many multi-threaded processes instead of a single one, it makes things flow better, and it allows killing single processes instead of the whole program.

    You must agree with me on that, common.

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