has a great tool for analyzing and presenting data

Whenever I get a chance, I try to watch the talks and videos on TED.  They do an excellent job finding fascinating people to speak about their work, present new ideas and share their passions. 

I just watched this 2006 (it’s never too late) presentation by Hans Rosling about “developed” vs. “developing” countries – a terminology which Rosling shows how inadequate it is.  Aside from the thought-provoking data, he uses a visual analysis tool which is available online at  It is one of the best graphical tools I have played with and will inspire anyone who wants to present complex data analyses in a clear, no-words-necessary format (my collegues at McKinsey would surely appreciate it).

Easily visualize complex data
Easily visualize complex data

Here’s an analysis I run, comparing cell phone penetration, internet penetration and country size between1980-2006.  It took me two minutes to create and I am guessing one could spend hours more exploring the data.

Now, if only the next version of Microsoft Office and Excel could help me create 4-dimensional charts like this (with the time variable), that would be awesome.


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