Forrester’s Customer Experience Index released, but where’s Google, Yahoo and Microsoft?

Forrester's CxPi index.  Internet firms are out.
Forrester's CxPi index. Internet firms are out.

Forrester has just released their annual Customer Experience Index (CxPi), which ranks 114 firms across various industries like retail, mobile network operators, manufacturers, ISPs and more.   Surprisingly, the list does not include any internet or software companies.   That’s right.  It attempts to ranks the top firms providing great customer experiences but you will not find Google, Yahoo or Microsoft in that list, even though hundreds of millions of consumers interact with their services on a daily basis.


I find this rather surprising.  Considering it’s 2008 I would expect Forrester to include internet and software firms.  With consumer electronics, media, communications and software blending into one another, ignoring the web players altogether renders this index irrelevant and obsolete.  They should either include the category in its next iteration or rename the index to “Forrester’s Old Economy Customer Experience Index”.



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