I love my 25GB in photos.live.com (but wish I could import my Facebook contacts)

For some reason I never found any *good* photo hosting service.  Flickr has a ridiculously low monthly limit of 100MB uploads.  Google’ Picasa has a  higher 1GB limit but for anyone who shoots scores of photos, that’s also just too low.  From a typical vacation we usually end up with at least a 1-1.5GB of some 400-800 photos in 8 mega-pixel.  In the meanwhile, I got used to picking the best photos and sharing them on Facebook.

Windows Live Photos
25 GB. I like this number.

Windows Live Photos went live last week with just the right amount of storage – a whooping 25GB.  This means that I can finally upload my entire photo collection in original size.  Using photos.live.com does not come without some pain, though.  Organising photos or managing your contacts is not nearly as easy as with Flickr or Facebook but since I am using the service primarily for backing-up and sharing with a limited number of friends and family, it’s good enough. 

The main thing I would like photos.live.com to provide is better contacts management.  I just don’t feel like copy-pasting my Facebook network and starting to add my friends to yet-another-network.   An “import my Facebook network” feature or a Facebook app would be ideal for consumers, albeit it might mean that Windows Live would become just a storage service rather than a full-fledged social networking tool.


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