Geni is almost two years old, but still no way to delete your account

I have opened my Geni account a few weeks after the site went live.  This start-up enjoyed great hype a year ago, with an evaluation of $100m which I thought was rather extreme, even for the craze of Web 2.0.

When I wanted to close my account, I tried searching for the Delete Account option which was not available at the time.  Fair enough, I thought.  They have a backlog of features and they will get to it eventually. 

I just checked again a few minutes ago, and surprisingly for a two-year old site, Geni still does not let its users delete their accounts.   The only way to delete your account, is to email their support and even that’s not documented anywhere except in their forum.  

That’s plain strange.  Letting users delete their accounts should be beta feature of any website, let along for Geni, a website that hosts such highly personal data.


4 thoughts on “Geni is almost two years old, but still no way to delete your account”

  1. Hi Oded Ran,

    Thanks for being a Geni User. Funny you should mention this, we were just discussing this very feature earlier this week. I expect that you’ll see this soon. In the meantime, as you said, we do process account closure requests manually and (hopefully) painlessly!


  2. I want to close our two accounts with Geni. It contains inaccuracies, some not of my making, particul;asrly where Geni tries to tell me that my MOTHER is my STEP MOTHER, etc How on earth that has happened I dont know. I have tried to amend it (no way), I have contacted Geni, (no response). WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A FAMILY TREE THAT INACCURATE. Please contact me urgently to close.

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