Org chart wikis

Take Geni, a genealogical website that lets users build their family tree.  Mix it with MS Exchange knowledge and LinkedIn and throw it to the business world.  What do you get?  An idea for a start-up which I have not seen yet.   Imagine a public, global org chart where you can find out information like who reports to whom, how is an organization structured, and more.   It will look just like Geni but instead of your parents and siblings will have details of your supervisors and co-workers.

I have not seen anyone working on this idea. is new start-up, something in between Facebook for professors and PAs and Geni.  They take on this idea but apply to the narrow field of academia.  Why not extend it beyond that, to the entire Corporate world?

I’m pretty sure we will see such a start-up come out of stealth mode pretty soon.   Or at least I hope so.

26-Nov-08 Update:  Cogmap and Forbes have org chart wikis that are far from complete.  Their design is ok but the main problem is that their data is incomplete or outdated.

Org Chart Wiki


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