Seeqpod makes it easy to steal music

Seeqpod was intended to allow users to search for music and play it streaming on their PC.  They recently added a mobile option which basically lets everyone to easily download MP3 to their computers (i.e., to steal music).

Just head to their mobile portal ( and use the search or popular artist links to find a song.  Then right-click to save the MP3 and voilà, you have illegally downloaded a song.  Check the image to the right, with links to downloading Beattles’ tracks.

I would be surprised if Seeqpod are unaware of this loophole which exists a few months now.  I am guessing that they are certainly enjoying the increased traffic to their site.

12-Mar-08 Update: This loophole is now shut, but I’ve found a new backdoor that’s a bit more complex.  Get Mozilla, install the User-Agent plug-in and ‘pretend’ to be an iPhone.

28-Nov-08 Update: This backdoor is still wide open.


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