Colorado and Wyoming: Our Favorite Region in the U.S.

Just returned from a fantastic 10 days trip through Colorado (Denver, Colorado Spring, Aspen, Glenwood Springs) and Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Jackson).   This was by far our best trip yet in the U.S.   Truly a beautiful part of America!

Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO is a walkable park with beautiful scenery of red-colored boulders overlooking snow-capped mountains:


In Aspen we rented bikes and rode for hours along the Rio Grande River.  We also saw in Aspen some of the most beautiful houses we’ve ever seen:

But the highlights of our trip were by far the national parks of Yellowstone (aka Geyser land) and Grand Teton.  Yellowstone is supposedly the world’s most active thermal area, with hundreds of geysers all around, the best known of which is The Old Faithful geyser: 

The best, however, was the wildlife.  On our very first day, we met a black bear crossing the road in front of us, a truly exhilarating experience!   A few days later, we got to see a mama bear with her two cubs, who were playing with one another, climbing trees and mock-fighting.   Aside from that, spotted lots of bison, elk and even a few coyotes.  We also saw one (sleeping) grizzly but unfortunately no moose this time – maybe in our next visit…

Mama bear crossing the road.   Check the photographer at the far left – he did survive and was actually quite far away from the bear.   We were sitting in the car, just 20-30 meters away, not believing this amazing sight:

A couple of days later, we got an ever more amazing view of mama bear with two baby bears.  The two were playing along, climbing on trees, mock-fighting and having a good time…  It was just fantastic to spot them in the wild:

Here’s photos of bison and elks, whose meat you could eat at the different inns in Yellowstone.  I didn’t find bison’s meat to be very tasty (beef is tastier), but the antelope sausages were chavlaz – the closest you could get to chorizos with a kosher animal.

Overall, we drove over 1500 miles on 10 days (Yellowstone is some 500 miles away from Denver).   It was well worth it, with beautiful scenery all along the drive.  Surprisingly, driving 10 hours straight no longer feels weird for us…


That’s it for now – next travel report would probably be from Vietnam.


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